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In this book, we cover all the topics that are important for achieving a healthy lifestyle in 12 weeks. This book is used in conjunction with the Vytal app, but it is not mandatory.


Stop wasting your precious time, energy, and money on empty promises and miracle cures. This book delves deeper into some facts and myths about health and weight loss.

E-book "No diet. No nonsense"

€ 15,00Prijs
  • The e-book you are about to purchase is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. This means that it is the property of the author and there are restrictions on distributing, copying, or modifying the content without permission.

    It is important to understand that the e-book is intended solely for your personal use. It is not permitted to share, distribute, or forward the content of the e-book to others without the explicit permission of the author.

    Copyright protects the creative works of the author, such as texts, images, and other content used in the e-book. It grants the author exclusive rights to determine how their work is used and distributed.

    Respecting copyright and intellectual property is essential to protect the rights of the author and to create a fair and ethical environment for creative works. Non-compliance with these rules may have legal consequences and harm the author and their work.

    Therefore, please be careful and responsible with the e-book. Keep it for yourself and enjoy the valuable information it provides, but remember that it is not allowed to share it with others without permission.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in respecting copyright and intellectual property.

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